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We are new to paranormal investigation field...Now we visit unknown spooky places to prove whether those places haunted or not. Each and every one of our team has faced paranormal incidences in their past lives. This time we are all together investigate and make documentary videos based on those footages and evidences. No fake vfx is added in our films. just slight video effects.

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The Society for Psychical Research (SPR)
The Paranormal Research Society UK
Indian Paranormal Society
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  • Real footages with no fake vfx editing
  • Our team takes real risks
  • No big camera crews following us around
  • Real time investigation
  • Exclusive Ghost tours
  • Adventures and unknown places


Our main objective is to investigate those places which are claimed to be haunted but not yet have been proved...We will prove whether those places are haunted or not with scientific experiments...